Trilogy is built on the knowledge, professionalism and experience of the artistic faculty and administrative staff. Each student will learn dance technique, style, theory, and discipline from our excellent instructors. More importantly, the teachers will treat every student equally and encourage self-confidence through personal achievements. The administration strives to serve the needs of each family and dancer.
The faculty members encompass professional backgrounds, loyalty, passion for dance, and the dedication to the creation of extraordinary dancers. Trilogy provides it’s staff with opportunities such as monthly continued education classes in curriculum, teaching concepts and guidelines, as well as CPR and child development classes.

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Ronda Runnels
Owner & Artistic Director
Ronda Runnels is the Owner and Director of Trilogy Dance Center, Move & Groove Pre-School Dance Program and Insight Dance Ensemble. Her dance journey began at the age of 3 and by kindergarten she knew she would own a dance studio. After pursuing her degree in Dance at The University of Texas @ Austin Ronda moved back to San Antonio. As she launched her dance career in Los Angeles and New York she realized Texas would be home. She opened her first studio in 1994, The Turning Point Dance Center with Stephanie Scott, and also created Visions Dance Troupe (the home of numerous teachers at Trilogy). Ronda then merged her school with Ballet San Antonio Academy in 2005 and then in 2009 Ronda assisted Paige Berry in creating Trilogy Dance Center. She has been the Artistic Director of many youth dance programs and founded Insight Dance Ensemble. The youth company has launched hundreds of dancers into the professional world of dance and college programs around the country. IDE dancers who have graduated have been honored to dance with Pink, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and attended the best schools in the country such as, Point Park, Chapman, and SMU. Current IDE members are achieving National Scholarships and awards of great status.
In January of this year Ronda bought Trilogy Dance Center to take it to a new level of dance in the country. Trilogy’s intention is to train humans of all ages through movement to express themselves as dancers. Ronda takes great pride in training every student to be their best; not just teaching dance lessons, but teaching children life lessons. TDC is a certified member of National Dance Education Organization and participates in National Honor Society of Dance Arts. Ronda also has a passion for yoga and in 2013 received her yoga certification in Vinyasa Flow. She practices YOGA in every part of her life journey. Above her professional achievements Ronda’s greatest pleasures are her three children, amazing husband and spending time with family.

Kimberly Feltner
Owner & Business Director
Kim Feltner is the Co-Owner of Trilogy Hill Country and serves as Trilogy Dance Center North, Trilogy Hill Country and Insight Dance Ensemble’s Financial Director/Advisor.  Kim obtained a degree in Education in 1991 and taught middle school students for three years.  In 1996 and 1998, she obtained her Bachelors of Business Administration and Masters in Accountancy from Texas State University (formerly Southwest Texas State University).  After working in the business environment for a few years, she obtained her CPA license in 2001.  She has worked for AT&T (formerly SBC), Harland Clarke (formerly Clarke American) and a large family office as acting CFO/Controller/VP, where she strategically and financially manages billions of dollars and company holdings.  Some of her accomplishments are working with a team of executives to transform business operations and financial position while overseeing over 100 company tax returns and financial processes.  She has two decades of business and financial experience in the dance, entertainment, private equity, real estate, and service providing industries.
In June 2017, Kim began working with Trilogy Dance Center and Insight Dance Ensemble to reform processes, collaborate with Ronda Runnels on best business practices and assist in her pursuit of creating a world class dance studio for dancers of all ages and life goals.  Kim discovered her love for dance in high school but has fully embraced the importance of this discipline as her daughter has grown up in the studio from the age of 2.  She has a passion for working with dancers, families, and staff to create an environment that is positive for everyone.  Kim most enjoys spending time with her family, which includes a husband, a son, who is a Texas A&M engineering grad, and a daughter, who recently started high school and has danced with Ronda Runnels for 12 years.

Carla Sankey
Studio Director & Artistic Director – NVision Dance Company
Carla Sankey has been dancing since the age of 8. She danced professionally in the theme park and theatre industry for many years which lead to a career in production.  She has been a choreographer and director for Six Flags since 2006 and has received national recognition for her work.  Working in San Antonio, she has divided her time between working with the theatre on musical productions and teaching competitive youth dance companies. She has been working with Insight Dance Ensemble as a choreographer and director since 2015. She is the artistic director of Curtain Up Cancer Foundation who produces original musicals and the choreographer for Ethics Follies, a touring musical ethics conference. She has been teaching dance to young artists for 20 years at dance schools in San Antonio and has taught at the Joffrey Ballet Workshop alongside internationally acclaimed artists.  Most importantly, she is the proud mother of a wonderful little dancer in training!

Phaedra Kingry
Discovery Program Director
Phaedra has an extensive background in the performing arts spanning over 35 years.  Throughout her career, she has trained in studios in California, at the Washington Ballet Academy (Washington DC), the Burchfield Ballet (Home of Ballet Mobile – AL), several month long summer intensive classes with masters from Joffrey Ballet, Pittsburgh Ballet, and New York City Ballet, and master teaching classes with several prominent choreographers/teachers, including but, not limited to:  Mandy Moore, Misha Gabriel, Fhinis Jung, Katy Spreadbury, Judy Rice, Ronda Miller, Bob Rizzo, Debbie Dee, and Bill Evans.
She performed under the direction of former MGM and Jack Cole Company Choreographer, Dale Lefler, in Carmel, CA, was a principal dancer in the JTW Dance Company in Alabama and enjoyed several leading roles in Broadway musicals presented on a regional theatre basis. Her credits include a leading song and dance role in the premiere of the original musical, “Closed Session”, written by Gold Record winner Milton Brown – which included a nationally released music album cut in Nashville, TN.  She was also blessed to work for a season with the Moscow Ballet training local students for joint performances with this renowned professional company.   In addition to her studio classes, Phaedra serves as the choreographer for the CBC Kid’s Choir and CBC Special Programs, a choreographer for Insight Dance Ensemble, and a choreographer for various NEISD show choir and musical theatre performances.  Several of Phaedra’s choreography concepts was published as a chapter contribution to the book release:  “JUST ADD KIDS” written and compiled by Celeste Clydesdale.  Her choir choreography has been contracted for and released on video nationally by LIFEWAY.  Phaedra’s knowledge of and experience in the various disciplines of dance – ballet, jazz, tap, modern, hip hop and theatre dance – exposes her students to a high level, energetic, and most of all, understanding approach to teaching.  Currently, Phaedra also serves as the Assistant Director for Move and Groove Innovative Dance Program.